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Building on more than 100 years of stewardship.

The Bartell-Barber Family Mission
Our mission is to empower, encourage, and nurture our family to realize their true purpose and
become productive individuals through love, integrity, and wise stewardship of our unique gifts.

Heritage Business Award for The Bartell Drug Company
Best in the Northwest Washington Family Business Award - Heritage Business

The members of the Bartell-Barber Family believe that they can carry out their family mission more effectively and better apply it in business through a cooperative effort. To facilitate cooperation, they have developed the Bartell-Barber Family Council as the primary agent to achieve family consensus on goals for the business and family ownership entities.

The purpose of the Bartell-Barber Family Council is to maintain the family's strong corporate culture and value system, acting as the primary bridge between generations to preserve these core values and practices. It also serves as the primary communication channel between the Family Council and the operating company boards to ensure that family goals and guidelines will be followed.

Additionally, the Bartell-Barber Family Council oversees and maintains the family plan for a smooth succession of business ownership from generation to generation.

Value Proposition
The Bartell-Barber Family embraces its role as sponsors and stewards
of durable and profitable entities so as to serve its neighbors in perpetuity.

Dave Barber serves as the President of The Bartell-Barber Family Council and is charged with supervising its operation and performance. Dave also serves as the head of Bartell-Barber Family Investments business development and represents the investment portfolio. Dave can be reached at 206-915-2807 or at